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The Portsmouth Model Engineering Society was founded in 1946.

The Society originally incorporated Model Boats, Planes and Cars but these gradually broke away to form their own successful clubs.

We hold formal meetings on the first Friday of each month, from September to April at 7.30pm in Tesco Community Room where we have a talk from other members or outside speakers.

Informal meetings are held from May to August at the Bransbury Park Track from 6.30pm onwards. These meetings are used for members to try out their locomotives, give our younger members some experience, or other club activities.

Members have a variety of interests, ranging from locomotives in all gauges powered by steam or electricity through traction engines, stationary engines, internal combustion engines, hot air engines to clock making and more.

We come from all walks of life, so if you are interested, why not pop along to one of our meetings? See below for full address details.


Membership of the Portsmouth Model Engineering Society will enable you to:

  • attend our monthly meetings
  • help out at the public running afternoons
  • take an active role in the life of the club, including helping with maintainance etc.
  • gain valuable advice and support of like-minded model engineers
  • join in all the other activites that the club arrange

Membership Fees
Adult £30 per year
Junior up to age 18 £15 per year

Subscriptions are due on joining or at the Society's AGM in February each year, running till the next AGM. Rates are pro rata if joining at any other time than AGM.

We ask that prospective Members attend at least two meetings as a visitor prior to joining, to make sure we are what you are looking for!